Education and Training for Lasting Change

The Smart Mobility Education Program provides in-depth clinical training on the benefits of early and frequent ambulation and the features and function of the IVEA. Delivered in a convenient, modular format, the Smart Program helps ensure that hospitals get full value from their investment in the IVEA and clinicians become educated and enthusiastic IVEA adopters.

Your Ambulation Baseline

We've talked with scores of clinical leaders, many of whom are surprised to discover that their ambulation rates aren't what they should be. The Smart Program includes an ambulation reality check to set you on the right course.

Comprehensive Super-User Training

Following your unit-wide IVEA in-service, selected super-users attend a series of data-driven webinars covering the benefits of ambulation and in-depth training on equipment features that improve safety, mobility and efficiency.

Adoption and Implementation

Experience tells us that adoption of a new process often requires a culture shift. We train your super-users on the most effective ways to ensure full adoption and implementation of the IVEA.

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We're Committed to Your Success

The Smart Mobility Education Program is a six-month comprehensive training program available at no additional cost, with minimum purchase. Our two-prong approach ensures that clinicians understand the importance of early and frequent ambulation and learn how to effectively use the tool that makes safe and efficient ambulation possible – the IVEA.

We work with your super-users to:

  • Establish your ambulation baseline
  • Drive improved ambulation rates at current staffing levels through education and training
  • Facilitate the IVEA adoption process for lasting change and continuous improvement
  • Measure program results

For  more information about Smart and how to qualify, please contact us, (970) 472-5323,


The IVEA. Smart Mobility.

The IVEA offers a simple, intuitive solution to improve outcomes, lower costs and boost patient satisfaction.