See What People Are Saying About the IVEA

Customer Testimonials

This was wonderful. The patient with two chest tubes and IV pumps was walking the halls with ease. RN

It was much easier and felt much safer walking and holding onto the IVEA. Being able to use two hands comfortably felt much more secure. There was no risk of stepping on the equipment and no rotation at all. I would definitely recommend this product. Patient

Excellent product… With this device I [can] mobilize a patient alone. PT

I love that I can stow this unit away. All other systems I have evaluated are very cumbersome and don’t store well or cannot be broken down. RN

I like the small footprint! OTR

The patient loved this piece of equipment… It doesn’t require an additional staff member to ambulate patients with O2 and IV meds, so that’s a huge benefit. RN

It’s really easy to push and control. Patient

I like that the equipment is compact and easy to move. Very smooth [and] simple to use and change set up. RN

It made [it] easier to move around not having to carry all my machines. Patient

Very nice mobility device! Thank you! CNA

It has a great wheelbase for walking. It’s very steady and glides well even on carpet. Patient

The equipment was easily consolidated and made it possible to focus more on the patient rather than worrying constantly if the equipment is appropriately secured. Charge Nurse

This is so much easier to use and keeps everything so organized. Patient

It provides safety for patients when ambulating, prevents tripping from IV tubing, [and is] convenient for anchoring chest tubes, F/C, O2 [and] multiple IVs. RN

Really convenient for patient and staff. PCA

“Active listening, a skill not often utilized, sets this innovative company above others. Not only have they addressed a long-standing need, but they have produced a product that brings patient safety, nurse satisfaction, easy storage, convenience, and durability into one item.”
Karen Cox, RN, MSN, Director of Clinical Operations, Regent Surgical Heath

“Wow! Firefly is going to wake up the medical industry! The time for modernism has never been so right.”
Kelli Hopper, RN, A.D.O.N., H.P.

“In the care of illness and disease, the future of medicine may be genetic screening and manipulation of the genetic code, but where the rubber meets the road and where the care of the patient happens, the products that Firefly Medical is developing will make a significant difference for the better in the lives of patients and those that care for them.”
J. David Cranor, MD

“With all the medical advances of the last century, no one has improved the everyday equipment we use to take care of patients. No one, that is, until Firefly’s innovative equipment designs improved handling and storage and enabled the same equipment to be used in many different ways.”
Leah L. Curtin, Clinical Professor of Nursing / Univ. of Cincinnati College of Nursing & Health / Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Nursing Management Magazine