About Firefly Medical

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Firefly Medical Designs Equipment that Solves Problems and Improves Care

Cost, quality and outcomes. These are the measures of success in modern healthcare. Our patient-care solutions are designed to support your efforts to improve safety and efficiency, increase patient satisfaction and reduce costs.

At Firefly Medical, we embrace the simple premise that medical equipment should keep pace with best practices in patient care. Sometimes that means starting over—not replacing, or even reinventing, but re-envisioning equipment and processes that no longer serve the best interests of the patient.

We work with clinicians to challenge the status quo and create solutions designed to deliver better results and improve the lives of caregivers and their patients. Form, function, quality and value drive everything we do.

  Our Mission

To improve the lives of patients and caregivers through intentional equipment design proven to raise performance, lower costs and deliver better outcomes. 

  Our History

A Company With Better Ideas

Firefly Medical was started by a former RN who challenged the notion that clinicians should have to make do with equipment that hindered their ability to deliver optimal care—devices they used every day but that were woefully inadequate in terms of function, safety and efficiency.

The company’s first product is the IVEA. This clinically proven technology replaces antiquated equipment and practices that fail to support the goals of value-based care. Designed to improve mobility, safety, efficiency and storability, the IVEA helps clinicians succeed and patients thrive.

At Firefly, we understand the clinical environment and the pressures to do more with less, to increase patient satisfaction and to reduce costs. We partner with our customers to identify problems and develop solutions that enhance safety and efficiency.

We listen, discover, create, test and respond, bringing to market quality products that offer extraordinary functionality and value.

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